Transport Methods For Backpackers Backpacking in South Africa

A concern most backpackers will have about coming to South Africa will be on how to get around. Luckily enough transport in South Africa is as easy as it is to travel in your own country. Although there might be the obvious modes of transport they might not always be highly recommended.

The best options to choose from when getting around would be to rent a car, fly or travel on the Bazbuz. With such a great exchange rate to the rand would be budget travellers can benefit from the more luxuries lifestyle than they could back home. Car rental is seen as a great option for friends who come over together. The road infrastructure in South Africa is extremely good and most people will find the wide highways a sheer delight in comparison to tight roads back home. All the main towns and cities in South Africa are linked. A great advantage of renting your own car is that you get to see and do things in your own time. Trips and detours can be made spontaneously adding to the adventure of your holiday. Motor vehicles are often targeted by criminals for their quick cash return so make sure to keep it locked up at night and don’t leave valuables in eye sight when you leave the car unattended.

Flying around is great if you are only on a short visit. Most cities with an airport will have a car rental but a serious disadvantage would be that you miss out on everything in between the major cities and when it comes to a country like South Africa that can be a lot.

The Bazbus option is a great option for budget backpackers as this is a hop on hop off service that is linked to pretty much every backpacker’s. The nice thing about this is that you are picked and dropped off outside the backpacker’s hostel. This way you don’t have to worry about getting lost in cities you’ve never been too. There is no extra taxi fare involved to find the hostel and you will get to meet loads of people in the same situation as you. The Bazbus service operates throughout the country so an open season ticket will get you to see everything there is to offer.

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There are also many smaller mini bus companies that operate between towns for backpackers not wishing to plan their visit. If travelling by a national coach service make sure that when you make your booking that you will arrive during the day and that there will be someone there to pick you up on the other side. There are many opportunists in South Africa and if they notice you aimlessly wandering around you could find yourself in a stick of trouble.